Are you ready for a transformative experience? We invite all youth to be a part of ‘Echo,’ a dynamic non-residential faith camp like no other. This year’s theme, “ECHO His Legacy,” revolves around the profound imprint Christ left on the world. Our aim is to inspire you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, identifying the legacy you too aspire to create, and thus leave behind.

Prepare to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of prayer, meaningful scripture exploration, and genuine fellowship. Through these core elements, you will uncover the challenges that obstruct your path to embracing life to the fullest. Engaging workshops will be your compass, guiding you through introspective discussions and solidifying the essence of discovering and owning your legacy.

Our vision extends beyond introspection, as we’ve designed an impactful outreach exercise. Join fellow participants as we venture into community outreach. Listening to others’ life stories will serve as living lessons, igniting inspiration for our own paths forward.

Join us from the evening of Friday, September 1st, to the enriching farewell lunch on Sunday, September 3rd. To cover expenses, we kindly request a €50.00 donation, covering all costs including the weekend’s meals (cash upon entry). Echo is tailored for individuals aged 18 to 35.

For the full program and registration, refer to the page below.

Let’s create ripples of legacy together!

Echo program

6:00PM Welcome / Registration
7:00PM Eucharist
7:45PM Session #1 Introduction to the weekend
BBQ & fellowship
10:30PM Evening Prayers
8:30AM Welcoming Coffee
9:00AM Morning Prayers
9:30AM Session #2: His Legacy
10:15AM Coffee break
10:45AM Session #3: Discovering my legacy
12:30PM Lunch
*Free time*
5:00PM Introduction to workshops
5:15PM Workshop 1
  Workshop A: Forging legacy via self-awareness
  Workshop B: Crafting legacy through volunteering
  Workshop C: Legacy through family
6:00PM Workshop 2
  Workshop D: Shaping legacy in our careers
  Workshop E: Fulfilling legacy in our life goals
  Workshop F: Forming a legacy through formation & education
7:00PM Introduction to the Eucharist
7:30PM Eucharist
8:45PM Dinner & Fellowship
8:30AM Welcoming Coffee
9.30AM Session #4: Inspired legacy
10:00AM Community Outreach Activity
12:00PM Celebratory Prayer
1:00PM Lunch