Pentecost - Non-Residential retreat for youths

The period that follows Easter is a time filled with eager anticipation, as we await the refreshing outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon His disciples. In alignment with this profound spiritual expectation, our youth community prepares and joyously celebrates this momentous event through a dedicated gathering of prayer and reflection. This year, in an effort to enrich the experience even further, we have decided to extend the event to span a Friday evening, followed by an entire day of reflection and contemplation leading up to the significant Vigil of Pentecost itself.

The program we have designed is thoughtfully divided into three distinct segments, each carefully crafted to create an atmosphere of spiritual growth, unity, and profound connection. With prayer at its core, this transformative journey will provide ample opportunities for personal and collective contemplation, encouraging meaningful conversations, and fostering a sense of belonging within and beyond our youth community. Moreover, the essence of celebration will be interwoven throughout the entire event, as we embrace the joyous anticipation of the Holy Spirit’s imminent arrival.

We extend a heartfelt invitation to all those who fall within the youth age bracket, warmly welcoming you to join us for this celebration. It is our sincere belief that this event will not only deepen your faith and understanding but also leave an indelible mark on your heart. Through the power of prayer, the strength of community, and the unbridled spirit of celebration, we are confident that this experience will be a source of inspiration, renewal, and profound connection for all who participate.

Retreat program


7.30:     Welcoming coffee!
8.00:     Introduction & Prayers
9.00:     Fellowship & informal dinner



9.00:     Welcoming coffee!
9.30:     Morning Prayers
10:30:   Break
11.00:  Main Talk: ‘Set the world on fire’ by Bishop Anton Teuma
12.00:   Self-Reflection
12.30:   Sharing in triads
1.00:     Lunch (Provided by Maxtar snack van)
2.30:     Workshop 1
         Workshop A: Self-control & gentleness
         Workshop B: Kindness & Goodness
3.15:    Workshop 2
         Workshop C:  Patience & Peace
         Workshop D: Love & Faithfulness
4.00:     Introduction of Pentecost Vigil


8.00:    Pentecost Vigil
Followed by fellowship