Pentecost - Non-Residential retreat for youths

The season following Easter brims with anticipation as we await the Holy Spirit’s descent upon the disciples. This year, our youth community embraces the theme “Regenerate” – a call to transform and grow closer together as one community, ignited by the Holy Spirit’s power.

This non-residential retreat is primarily designed for you who form part of our youth groups to foster deeper connections and strengthen our bond as one community. To enhance your experience, like last year we would like to extend the retreat, from Friday evening (open to anyone) and continues through Saturday, culminating in the Vigil itself. Saturday morning will be only of MOY committed members.

Our program is thoughtfully crafted in three parts, each nurturing spiritual growth, unity, and profound connection. Prayer will be the cornerstone of this journey, offering space for personal reflection, meaningful discussions, and a sense of belonging within our youth community. Celebration will thread through the entire event, as we joyfully await the arrival of the Holy Spirit.

We warmly invite all our youth to join us for this day. We believe it will not only deepen your faith and understanding but leave a lasting mark on our community. Through the power of prayer, the strength of our shared experience, and the spirit of celebration, this year’s Fall Afresh promises to be a source of renewal and profound connection for all who participate.

Retreat program

Friday, 17 May

7:30:     Coffee & Welcome

8:00:     Moment of Prayer

9:00:     Fellowship & informal dinner


Saturday, 18 May

8:30:     Coffee & Welcome

9:00:     Morning Prayers

9:30:    Team Building activity

10:00:   Main Talk by Fr Joseph Curmi

10:45:   Break

11:30:   Reflection

12:00:   Sharing in Lectio Group

1:00:     Lunch

2:00:     Intro to Workshops

2:15:     Workshop One

3:00:     Transition to Workshop 2

3:15:     Workshop Two

4:00:     Introduction to the Vigil


8:00:     Pentecoste Vigil & Agape
               Followed by fellowship

Registration closed.