A focus is given to the formation and growth of young children. Through the care and service of lay people who are members of the Oratory Community and other Lay Communities, young children receive twice weekly classes of Catechism lessons. The central location of the Oratory and the diverse community it has grown into, offers the possibility to provide catechism not only to the neighboring families. A particular focus is also given to the parents and families of these children who apart from their formation in the faith, receive the proper preparation before receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation.

The presence and participation of youth is synonymous with the concept of an Oratory. From its origins, the Oratory is that environment which opens its doors to youth and adolescents, providing the opportunity for them to find a sheltered place to come as they are and encounter others. The same can be said for the MSSP Oratory as it has always held to heart the formation and well-being of youth. In the recent years, the youth’s presence has been on the increase and the need was felt to minister widely and holistically to them. Following on the examples of other lay communities that meet at the Oratory, to date, we host five groups of youth who meet regularly and follow their own specific pastoral programme whilst at the same time participating in the wider community, especially throughout the main liturgical celebrations.

The MSSP Lay Community was established during Christmas time of 2002. During that time, community used to meet in St. Venera.  At the time, the main objective of the Community was to provide support to the brothers in formation while focusing on the Word of God and the Liturgy. At the Oratory, the Community still maintains its identity but has integrated well with the existing structure and other communities. Several members are involved in ministry including Catechism and Children’s ministry during the Saturday evening liturgy, Saturday’s liturgy, the music ministry, facilitating retreats and seminars, providing assistance with manual works and other jobs as the need arises. Central to the spirit of the community is Liturgy and apart from coming together whilst in the presence of other communities at the Oratory, strives to make this central to their Ministry and form of Outreach.

The Alpha Course is a basic course aimed at presenting the core elements of our faith to those who are seeking to know and to discover more. It is specifically designed to help persons seeking answers in their life to do so in a Christian setting. This course is different from other traditional Christian courses since guests are not only there to listen but they are also invited to explore, to ask and to discuss in an informal environment. The course, which has been running in Malta for nearly 15 years, has broken new grounds in the area of evangelisation.