About Us

The Missionary Society of St Paul

The MSSP Oratory is run by a community of four MSSP priests, led by Director Fr. Martin Cilia. The other members are Fr. Frankie Cini, Fr. Clinton Farrugia, and Fr. Giovann Tabone. Other MSSP members visit from time to time, or for particular activities.  The Missionary Society of St. Paul, has been present at this Oratory since 1927, when the Founder of this same Society and Servant of God, Joseph De Piro, sent the first MSSP members to this place, following earlier years marked by the presence of the Freres and the Salesians.

Throughout these years the main activities at the Oratory have centred around the catechism of children hailing from Birkirkara.  And to this day this has remained a constant mission. Nowadays a group of lay catechists prepare children for First Communion and Holy Confirmation.

Over the years the Oratorju had remained at the forefront of youth activities: drama; sports; youth groups. These have, in various epochs, been highlights which mark the Oratory as a centre for youth.

In 2010, a decision was taken to orient the MSSP Oratory towards the Catechesis of adults as well as the traditional Catechism for children. Over the past few years, a model has emerged of small groups which celebrate the Word of God through the practice of Lectio Divina, and which then come together as one community in the liturgical celebration of the Eucharist. The Liturgy thus becomes the moment where the Christian Community truly becomes the Body of Christ. The MSSP Lay Community and the other communities which form the Oratory occupy a central role in this endeavour.

Similarly, youth occupy an increasingly important place at the Oratory. With regular small group moments of prayer, formation, and outreach the younger members at the Oratory discover and rediscover the freshness of faith for our times.   Other groups like Alpha and Koinonia also call the Oratory ‘home’. Experiences also include pilgrimages to places such as the Holy Land, Bose, and the missionary trips of St. Paul in the Mediterranean.

During the liturgical year, the axis around which all else revolves is the Word of God. Priority is given first and foremost to the monthly catechesis, liturgical celebrations, courses, seminars; the other activities complete the package aimed at giving adult Christians a chance to renew their faith, enter more deeply into the Word of God, and celebrate their faith in Jesus in and through the community.