Gordon and Olivianne Farrugia

“My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness.” 2 Cor 12:9

Throughout our lives we always sought to reach something greater and higher. Our ambitions drove us in different directions. We tried to find the answer through personal achievements – in our studies, in our jobs, in the recognition from our family and friends; raising our expectations so high that whatever we did, it was never enough. Six years ago we received a news that shook us off our grounds. All of our mistaken believes came crushing onto us and it was hard not to give in to them.

The community at the Oratory walked with us and instilled in us the MSSP charisma of following Him wherever he takes us.

Around this time, my sister was already a member in the MSSP Lay Community and she invited us to join a Saturday liturgy at the oratory. We welcomed the invite out of curiosity, seeking to understand what my sister had described with great intensity the richness of this place. We still remember how we were deeply moved by the sharing of the word on that day. Our anxieties started to find a place of rest. Since then we got forever hooked to the place.The Saturday liturgy kept inviting us to search for a deeper meaning in our lives and we have been doing so ever since.

The journey of living in Truth to oneself and owning the identity of the beloved sons and daughters is a lifetime journey and hence it has to be sustained with an abandonment of grace through spiritual wisdom and gentle love. We found both of these ingredients at the oratory. We built very strong and meaningful relationships with the community attending there who has carried us through the toughest patch in our lives with great care. More so, every homily challenged our false image of God. From an omnipotent God that is to return all our petitions, we slowly discovered a Good and Loving Father that is forever faithful to his children. Yes, we still grief our losses, we still feel the suffering of the world but we know that He is in all of this too. Every time we participate in His suffering, we participate in His glory. He kept His promise. He is always with us.

The community at the Oratory walked with us and instilled in us the MSSP charisma of following Him wherever he takes us. This led us to a number of ministries with the youth and missionary activities abroad. So we turn to Him in gratitude for our weaknesses for HIS grace has been and still is sufficient. We also thank Him for providing us with the right place where we could live and sustain this relationship with Him. We pray that we are able to share the joy of all that we experience at the oratory in our wider contexts – with our family, friends, colleagues and people He sends in our lives.