Ivan Cauchi

My family came to a point where It was imperative that we find a place of worship where we could grow spiritually.  We struggled for many years to find a community that would edify us as Christians – helping to build us up, equip us, encourage and support us.  A community with high-quality Bible teaching that stresses the importance of honouring and glorifying God in all that we do.

The MSSP Oratory exemplifies all of the above-noted qualities – we found one loving community where spirituality is firmly rooted in Scripture and praise and worship are sincere. It is a joy for us to be able to raise our children in such an environment!

On a more personal level, I have also experienced a far greater benefit in how my relationship with the Lord has grown. At the MSSP Oratory, I found a dynamic relationship that has caused me to re-examine how I pray, serve, and relate to those around me. This change was unexpected and simply wonderful!