Romina & Josef Camillieri

We have been married for 25 years and have five children.  From the start, we were both convinced that this journey would not have been possible without God’s presence in our lives.  We also recognized that to follow a journey of faith, we needed the help of the church. For many years we were part of a community that helped us build our relationship with God.

At the MSSP Community, we could experience the liturgy in such a beautiful way and this has helped us appreciate, above all, the importance of the Word of God and the Eucharist and all this lived and shared with others.

As of two years ago, we started attending the B’Kara MSSP Oratory.  Here we were immediately welcomed warmly which made it very easy for us to integrate quickly.  What definitely stood out from day one for us, was the living presence of God in this community.  In this place, our faith continues to grow with the help of the Catechesis we listen to regularly. The greatest gift we received was that we both saw that the journey of conversion at the oratory fulfilled our thirst.  The brotherhood and unity that we see in the fathers of MSSP, is passed on unknowingly to all lay members.

The way the Liturgy is transmitted makes it easier to understand and to try and follow.  Also, the courses that are offered throughout the year, like for example, Job, Paternity, Maternity, The Holy Spirit, etc. have helped us to continue discovering the beauty of our relationship with God.

The MSSP offers many platforms from where one can start.  We can’t but mention the intense preparation that comes during Advent and during Lent, where we have truly lived the true experience of these two greatest Christian feasts.  We are truly grateful that God permitted us to be in this community which has become our cradle of faith. Here we have continued to discover God’s love and mercy and compassion for us.