Lay Communities

The MSSP Lay Community was established during Christmas time of 2002. During that time, community used to meet in St. Venera.  At the time, the main objective of the Community was to provide support to the brothers in formation while focusing on the Word of God and the Liturgy. At the Oratory, the Community still maintains its identity but has integrated well with the existing structure and other communities. Several members are involved in ministry including Catechism and Children’s ministry during the Saturday evening liturgy, Saturday’s liturgy, the music ministry, facilitating retreats and seminars, providing assistance with manual works and other jobs as the need arises.

Central to the spirit of the community is Liturgy and apart from coming together whilst in the presence of other communities at the Oratory, strives to make this central to their Ministry and form of Outreach. The Community meets twice a week for Liturgy on Saturday and for a prayer meeting on Monday.  Over the years, the Community has evolved in introducing Lectio Divina whereby community members share deeply on the Word of God and the meaning it has in their lives.  A number of the members of the community also minister in leading other Lectio Groups and other ministries, including the Youth Ministry.

Characterising the Oratory is the presence of young families and children. With an active community looking after with zeal and dedication the catechism of young children, throughout the recent years a new community is slowly evolving. Apart from their ministry in the organisation and running of catechism classes together with others, this community is a new encouraging reality to many.

This Community has seen Oratory evolve and with the new focus of the past years have fully participated and actively contributed to the spirit and mission of the Oratory. Participating fully in the pastoral programmes and taking on the initiative of having their own small groups to share the word whilst holding also annual retreats and regular spaces for sharing and reflection, this community is shaping up. It has become a space for those families to grow closer and deeper in the faith whilst their children attend catechism classes and serve during liturgy.