The first session of our Lenten Talks series entitled Seeker. This session initiates the journey of the two disciples, as they talk and grief about their own misfortunes. Fr Martin guides us in the journey of being in touch with our fragility and sorrow while unmasking the image of God to a more authentic and life-giving one.
The second session of our Lenten Talks series entitled Seeker. Jesus took the initiative of journeying with these two disciples in their grief, and today he illuminated their hearts to realize the beauty and the power of the Word of God. Equally, for us, generations after that event we too through the Word may have the light that guides our path.
For those of you who would like to re-watch the third session of our Lenten Talks, entitled Seeker. In this episode, Jesus completes the walking journey with these two disciples all the way to Emmaus. While poignantly pretending to keep walking further, the disciples ask him rather plead with him to remain with them. Likewise, the disciple then and now ardently prays to remain united with him, especially in the experience of the Eucharist, that illuminates the eyes of the disciples: to actually see Him, beyond any other voice and travelling companion.
The fourth and final session of our Lenten Talks series entitled Seeker. If for the previous sessions, Christ obliquely took the central stage, in the last leg of the journey it is the two disciples who awaken from the experience of Christ, sprint back home no longer escaping from the gloom that it represented but filled with life and willing to share with others. Ultimately that is equally our call, that with Cleopas and the other disciples – unnamed; so that you put your now - can live this adventure of seeking, and finding whom you seek.
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  1. Marguerite

    Thank you for this…it will definitely quench our thirst during this very different kind of Lent. God bless you all!